About Steamboat Lightscapes

At Lightscapes we pride ourselves in outstanding customer service. We provide exceptional tree services and eliminate all the hassle of holiday decorating, Christmas lights, festive outdoor and event lighting. After a consultation all you have to do is approve the work and we handle EVERYTHING else! 

My name is Dustin Lindahl and I started this business in 1994. On our team we have extensive tree care, lighting & Christmas decorating experience and not only is Lightscapes locally owned, but I am native to Steamboat Springs.

I am a trained arborist & lighting concierge, master of design and leader of our team to provide excellent tree care and create a festive atmosphere using specialty lights, Christmas lights & holiday decor across the Yampa Valley. My wife Elicia and sons Zane and Zeke enjoy living in Steamboat and supporting the Lightscapes team.

I was born and raised in Steamboat and is a work-hard play-hard kind of a guy.  When not working I enjoy mountain biking, off-roading, traveling, and personal growth.  I love visiting other areas to get creative ideas for lighting, I have a passion for small business and economic development. Elicia loves the mountains, hiking, snowshoeing, time with family and friends and was happily imported by her husband to Steamboat!

Zane is full of curiosity, fun and adds so much richness to our lives. He loves reading, learning, exploring the outdoors and figuring out how things work. Zeke is passionate and fun, adding zest to every day! He loves trucks, tractors, books and making us laugh. We thoroughly enjoy spending time together whether it is embarking on adventures or restful times at home.

Lightscapes has a top-notch team who pride themselves in excellence and work hard to provide exceptional service to our clients. From client communication start to finish of a job, to custom building professional lighting, to installing beautiful holiday lighting, to servicing lights so they are in top shape, to removing and storing lights, to technical removal of trees to trimming trees for best long-term tree health, our team is skilled in their craft and we look forward to working with you!

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Why did I get into the outdoor lighting business?

One of my clients encouraged me to get into the holiday decorating service business because they loved seeing the professionally decorated homes each winter in the city they previously lived in.  Since that time, we have expanded beyond just Christmas lights to patio lighting, restaurant lighting, year-round festive lighting at homes and resorts to suspended lighting over Yampa Street in downtown Steamboat.

I have fallen in love with designing decor as in just half a day to a week we can completely transform any property into a fabulous holiday display. It brings me great joy to put smiles on people’s faces and help our customers enjoy their properties in Steamboat Springs and the Yampa Valley even more.  Steamboat Lightscapes allows me to do this throughout the year through holiday light installation, professional Christmas decorating and outdoor lighting service.

Along with lighting the health of trees is of utmost importance. As such I achieved my ISA arborist certification several years ago and started a tree trimming and tree removal business. After moving back to Steamboat, we have now expanded our Lightscapes’ services by offering tree trimming and removal services in Steamboat Springs.

One of the things I enjoy is visiting properties years after our preventative tree trimming work and seeing the transformation of the health of trees. We pride ourselves in focusing on the health of trees and contributing to the longevity of trees as best we can.