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Let Us Help You Protect And Enhance The Health Of Your Forest Communities

Left on her own, Mother Nature does a pretty good job of nurturing our forests. However, human activities and pressure have resulted in the introduction of pests and increased stress on our forest communities. Let us help Mother Nature and you maintain and enhance the health of your forest community for aesthetic and recreational purposes by providing forest management practices such as thinning, sanitation, and pest control.


Thinning dead, diseased and in some cases live trees, enhances
the health of the forest community.

Forest Thinning

The death or windfall of a tree in a forest is a natural process, culling the weak and opening the canopy for young trees to grow. We can apply forest management techniques that speed forest renewal by selectively removing “weaker” trees. This enhances the health of the remaining trees and minimizes the risk of impact from insect pests, disease and wildfire.

Pest Control

Bark beetles are an active threat to the health of our forest. These include the Douglas-fir Beetle, the Mountain Pine Beetle, and the Spruce Beetle. Control measures can be employed to manage the impact of these pests, from sanitation to pesticide applications.

Removal of infested Douglas-fir is a sound forest management strategy for controlling the spread of Douglas-fir Beetle.

Wildfire Mitigation

Wildfire is a natural process in forest communities, thinning the stand and initiating renewal. However, a severe wildfire can destroy a forest and threaten the safety of people and property. Wildfire mitigation is the process of removing the fuel for the fire and is a crucial aspect of forest management. This can include dead trees, deadwood, and removal of debris on the ground.

Pruning & removal of deadwood reduces wildfire risks, protecting the forest and your property.

Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

After decades of experience in the area, we’ve developed long-lasting relationships with clients who depend upon us to keep their trees healthy and their properties safe and attractive. This is what they have to say about working with us:

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