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What is TCIA, and why does it matter to you?

By November 24, 2020News
What is TCIA and Why is it important

The Tree Care Industry Association 

TCIA is the oldest, largest, and most respected tree care trade association in the country.  As the only business practice and compliance-audit process in the tree care industry, TCIA does an extensive review of member tree businesses’ professional practices to assure they’re following the highest industry standards.

These practices are aimed at safeguarding you – the consumer.

What does TCIA verify?

  • best business practices
  • ethical business conduct
  • formal training and certification of employees
  • compliance with industry standards
  • consumer satisfaction
  • adherence to safety standards
  • insurance coverage

Accredited tree care companies must re-apply every three years to review their practices.

Steamboat Lightscapes is a long-time member

You’ll be happy to know that Steamboat Lightscapes has been accredited in accordance with Tree Care Company Accreditation standards for 20 years. We are proud to be part of an elite group of just 22 tree care companies in Colorado to have this accreditation.

“As an accredited company we differentiate ourselves significantly from other companies.” Says Jason Jones, board certified Master Arborist and owner of Steamboat Lightscapes.  “By meeting the standards set by TCIA, we give our customers and employees confidence that we will always provide quality and safety. We have worked hard to meet these expectations and are proud to be among this elite group.”

Achieving accreditation means that Steamboat Lightscapes adheres to top industry standards for quality and safety, maintains a trained, professional staff and is dedicated to ethics and quality in business practices.

Why is TCIA important to you?

Our accreditation means you, our valuable customer, can be assured Steamboat Lightscapes uses the safest practices and has the most skilled technicians. This keeps you and your property safe, and guarantees your trees will receive the best possible care.

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