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Fall Snow Storm Tree Damage

By October 13, 2017October 16th, 2017News

The early snow storms that hit the high country over the first few weeks in October caused significant tree damage from Basalt to Aspen. Our crews have been working overtime since the event to cleanup the damage. We received over 100 calls for service.

Not all the tree damage Mother Nature causes can be prevented. A tree shedding branches is a natural process. Heavy snow on trees with leaves or winds in excess of 55 mph will cause some damage not matter what we do. However proper structural pruning will reduce the amount and severity of damage a tree may receive from these events. Structurally inferior branches are easy for a trained arborist to identify. Pruning these branches will minimize the damage from these events and can prevent catastrophic damage that can lead to complete tree loss like this willow pictured.

Winter is a good time to prune your trees to repair damage and improve tree structure.



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