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Site Development & Trees

By May 1, 2018News

Trees are an asset to a property. They can also be a liability due to their health, safety risks or conflicts with your project.  If tree preservation is an objective or local legislation has tree protection requirements, including our consulting arborist as part of your design team is a must. The result will be a more seamless design process and healthy trees for years to come. The arboricultural design process includes the following tasks and products.

The process begins with a tree inventory. Which trees are an asset and which are a liability to your project? A tree in good health is more tolerant of construction impacts while a tree in poor health will not tolerate construction impacts. Structurally defective trees can present a safety risk to people and property. Knowing the condition of each tree will assist the designer in determining which trees may be worthy of preservation.

Armed with the tree inventory data and consultation with the consulting arborist, the designer can develop a site plan that meets design and tree preservation objectives. Design, tree protection specifications and plant health care treatments can be employed to minimize the impact of construction activities. Trees that cannot or should not be preserved can be sacrificed and resources can be dedicated to the trees to be preserved.

Finally, there is construction. Even the best laid plans encounter issues that require changes and compliance with tree protection specifications should be included. Have our consulting arborist available for consultation as those issues arise and enforce the tree protection plan.


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